Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Depature

The morning of my depatrue started out as any other, only much earlier. I decided to wake up at the bright early hour of three in the AM. Why, you ask, because my flight to San Franciso left at seven, so I had to be at the airport by five. I quickly checked my bags, and woke the parents. I took my dog out for a quick walk, and was almost blindsided by two fucking deer. That's right, two deer almost ran me over. This was a sign. Today is going to suck.

Yet, my luck- at that time- was as firm as an 18 year-olds erection and my dog did not take off in pursuit. We quickly headed back inside before some other creature could aim it's hurling body at me, and took some photos with the parents. After the shoot we headed to the car, and drove to the airport. Land of wonder, disappointment, and full-cavity searches.

I checked in, waited an uncomfortable hour with my parents, and then walked them to the car. Mi madre, cried and my pops gave me some advice. We kissed, hugged and then I was on my own. The flight to San Fran, was uneventful, and short. I actually got some sleep. Then, after a layover, came the flight to Seoul, Korea. The brutality of this flight will be exaggerated, but if you managed to read this far, that won't deter you.

I was stuck in a craptastic section of the plane, where four seats suddenly becomes five. Being slightly tall, I had no leg room, so basically no comfort, for about sixteen plus hours. My salvation was the in-flight entertainment, six movies, two of which were good, played on varying channels in a constant loop. I did not sleep that night, and so my arrival would pretty much suck.

I got through immigration fine and took a train to the arrival gate of the airport. After about 45 minutes of trying to figure out the next move, I boarded a bus to the city air terminal. Pretty exhausted by this point, I had to find a phone and call my recruiter Ms. Lee. A very nice woman who worked at the CAT gave me some change so I could call, and I waited around for the taxi; which was arranged for me to arrive. Twenty minutes later, I packed all my shit in, and another half hour of driving and I was at the Coatel. My home for the next two weeks. I checked into my room, met my roommate for the duration of my first week of training, and quickly passed out. It really wasn't that bad of a trip, but leaving is never really that easy.

Get off my back.

Just so everyone is aware, I've been getting hammered to start writing a blog for about two months now. I have finally yielded to the constant pressure, so now people can read all about my adventures. So, I will be writing a lot of posts that pretain to past events just to get all of you people up to date.
As for the title, my guru, or mentor, is a genius by the name of Baloo. He is the quinttessential poet of his age. A philosopher beyond renown. A lover of fine foods and past-times. A bear. Essentially he is the shit. For those seeking to gain his knowledge and understanding of the world, you need simply pick up a copy of "The Jungle Book". It condenses his vast knowledge into an incredibly catchy song.
So far, this blog crap is pretty easy, but read on and you may learn about my adventures. Also, I'm much cooler than Mowgli.
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