Friday, March 12, 2010

My First Week

Some of us found out where we would actually be working on Christmas Eve, and Sonali and I would start working on the coming Monday. So, I called my boss and arranged to meet him at what will be my office/workplace for the next year, or so. It took me an hour and a half to get to the right station, and it was interesting to feel like a minority.
My boss is a very nice guy, but can toe the company line pretty hard sometimes. But I digress, he showed me around my branch and introduced me to my coworkers. They were all very nice, but the place tends to be a little cliquish. I prefer to be an outsider anyway, so it all works for me.
My boss then told me what would be expected of me, and what I would have to do day-to-day. It was basically a complete reversal from what I was taught during training. As my brain tried to absorb all that he was saying, he had me sit in on a class for an hour, and then I jumped right on in to the fray. I can honestly say that the first class, and that whole first week was pretty shitty, except for the nights; but I'll get to that later. I then took the subway back to my hotel. The next day we watch CCTV, yes they record every class to avoid lawsuits, and to let you know that they know what your doing, when you're dong it. It's pretty 1984, but a job's a job. Without going into too much detail, I was reamed, then told that "you'll get better, it takes about two-terms to settle in". It sucked.
The only thing that made the special torture I landed myself in, was, and is, Sonali. Every night we would meet up and talk about the shitty experiences we were having, and then sparks started flying.

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